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Pilgrim’s Rest Primitive Baptist

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Churches of Brantley County

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Brantley County is a very young county, having been carved out of Wayne, Pierce and Charlton Counties in 1920.  Brantley is the 158th county in Georgia out of a total of 159.  The history of the area, however,  predates the American Revolution and contains much of the Old Post Road, originally an Indian trail that ran from St. Augustine northward through South Georgia.  The Post Road remained the popular route betweekn Florida and Savannah until the Civil War.  Brantley County residents make their homes up and down this old road.

The 444-square-mile county was originally inhabited by the Creek Indians. During the colonial period, the area fell within the bounds of land disputed by the Spanish and the English, a debate settled in favor of the English following the Battle of Bloody Marsh in 1742. The county was named for either Benjamin Daniel Brantley (1832-91), a merchant who encouraged the development of cotton ginning and turpentine manufacturing in the area, or his son, William Gordon Brantley (1860-1934), who served in both houses of the Georgia legislature and in the U.S. House of Representatives.Soon after the county was created, controversy arose over the choice of the county seat. Senator Larkins and most members of the citizens’ committee were from Hoboken, a thriving community on the west side of the new county. The Brunswick and Western Railroad already ran through the area, and the land in the west was better suited for future industry than the swampland in the east. The only voting booths for the new county’s voters were located at the Hoboken schoolhouse. County residents in the east, claiming that their voting rights were being violated, went to court over the location of the county seat. After three years of court battles and an election, the Georgia General Assembly designated Nahunta, in the east, as the new county seat.