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Churches of Warren County

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Warren County, comprising 286 square miles was created in 1793 from Burke, Columbia, Washington and Wilkes counties.  Warren was the 16th county created in Georgia and is named after Joseph Warren, a colonial physician and Revolutionary War soldier.  The area’s first inhabitants were Creek Indians, who established the famous Upper Trading Path between Augusta and Creek settlements as far west as the Mississippi River.  Warrenton, the county seat, was incorporated in 1810.  The original courthouse was built in 1809, burned down in 1853 and its replacement suffered the same fate in 1909.  Fires were quite a hazard in early Georgia.  The current courthouse was built in 1910 and listed on the National register of Historic Places.  The other incorporated towns in Warren County are Norwood and Camak.  Other communities include Mesena and Beall Springs.  Beall Springs grew up around a mineral spring used by native Americans long before the state acquired the land in 1773.  The Beall family were the first white settlers to own the land surrounding the springs.  In the 19th century, Beall Springs became a popular resort, complete with hotel and leisure-time activities.

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The first recorded wool mill and one of the first iron foundries in Georgia were located on a spot named Shoals, on the Ogeechee River. They were established by Colonel William Bird, a veteran of the American Revolution, and his partner, Benjamin A. Hamp. In 1812 Thomas Cheely bought the property and erected a gristmill on it. The two mills were burned by Union general William T. Sherman’s troops in 1864. Cheely’s house, built with slave labor in 1825, remains.  Railroad service came early to Warren County when the Georgia Railroad line was built just north of Warrenton in the 1830s.  Early railroad depots were located close by in Camak, Norwood and Barnett.  The link between Warrenton and Camak for many years was made by mule-car until rail service was finally established in 1873.

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We encourage you to visit these hallowed sites in order to feel the real power of early Georgia history and the roots that we all share.  However, please remember that these sites are on private property and they are quite fragile.  Therefore please be respectful in every way.  Some of these churches are inactive and in a very delicate state, while others may be somewhat active but in a very limited fashion.  Fortunately, some of the churches are still quite vibrant and offer a full range of services to their members.  Visitors are welcome and we would encourage you to attend a service if possible.